Let’s Make Your Brand Roar.

Roar’s Brand Diagnostic and Horizon Session is a facilitated discovery experience and the entry path for all of our new clients. Our diagnostic helps us understand your brand’s core health through a series of questions that will guide our proposed scope of work.

Once the diagnostic is completed you will receive a customized report. It will give you clear, actionable steps to improve your brand’s health. It will also help you best understand our services and how we can help.

You will also receive a link to schedule your 90 Minute Horizon Session. During this session, we will create a strategic plan that will help us define branding delieverables in the short-term (accomplishable in 90 days), mid-term (six months), and long-term (within the next year).

Between the Brand Diagnostic and the Horizon Session, you will have clear and focused action steps to improve your brand’s health. You will also receive a proposed Scope of Work detailing our partnership with you. Should you choose to work with us, the $500 spent here will be credited to your project. However, if we are not the right fit, we believe that you will have a strategic document that can help you plan your next six months with another partner.