Trey Boden

Hey there! I am so excited to meet you. 

I am a husband, dad, educator, and entrepreneur. For most of my life, I thought I was going to be in professional ministry working for churches as a creative and pastoring people. 

But life took me in a different direction.

In college, I was given a free copy of Final Cut Pro in exchange for editing a video for a massive student organization. I agreed to do the job even though I had never edited a video in my life. After a visit to Barnes and Nobles, I came back to my dorm room with five books on video editing ready to jump in.

This one job defined the rest of my career.

Since then I have had the opportunity to dive into a creative profession that has led me to

  • Film in the deserts of the Middle East and on the Argentine Patagonia. 
  • Create media t
  • Teach students how to see themselves as designers in high school and middle school
  • Brand 


I am passionate about helping people and companies find their identities. The journey to discover who you are is a daunting process. It requires discipline to confront your story. I have had the opportunity to do this professionally helping brands and people find direction