How We Work

Roar’s signature process for building brands from the ground up. BrandMethod™ is a modular process that gives our clients a comprehensive perspective as they are building a new brand or reimagining an existing one.  


Brand Strategy

Communicating Vision
Crafting Mission Statements
Defining Core Values
Leading Strategic Planning
Naming Your Brand
Positioning: Your Unique
Crafting Value Proposition
Developing Ideal Client Profiles
Creating Empathetic Impact Narratives
Diagnosing Branding Gaps

Brand Identity

Establishing Identity
Crafting Visual Identity
Determining Brand Architecture
Future-casting With Stylescapes
Inspiring with Color and Typography
Compelling Image Libraries
Defining Graphic Styles
Unifying Brand Assets
Cascading Standards
Rebranding: Best Practices

Brand Marketing

Designing Customer Funnels
Crafting Messaging Strategy
Foundational Content Marketing Strategy
Determining Distribution Strategy
Operationalizing Budgets

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Brand identity is a tangible and real connection your customers have with your brand. At a visual level, it creates recognition, distinction, and expresses your why. On a whole other level, brand identity influences how your customers perceive your business. Your brand identity takes a variety of elements and unifies them into a system that creates meaning, sets strategy, informs value, and keeps you competitive.


New Businesses

Using a constellation of our BrandMethod™ modules we help new businesses establish a firm foundation with focused brand strategy and inspiring identities.

New Opportunities

A track for existing brands expanding into new markets, seeking funding, or launching products. These moments are catalysts for strategic brand development.

New Strategy

As businesses grow, their strategies have to mature with them. This track unpacks core brand strategy for brands that are rebranding or reimagining their future.


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