Fractional Brand Leadership

Deliver Instant Creative Capacity
Without The Cost of Full-time Employees

The Need

There are certain inflection points companies face as they grow when their budget cannot afford the creative leadership it needs.

Our passion is building capacity to scale through fractional brand leadership to deliver creative capacity without the full-time employee price.

how it works

Brand Diagnostic Survey

Take a 5-minute survey to help us know and understand your brand’s health

90 Minute Strategy Session

Using our REALs framework, we will identify priority projects exploring three critical business categories: revenue, efficiency, and awareness. At the end of the workshop you will have a clear and focused 180 project plan that will create our priorities for our first quarter.


Working in three-month increments, we get to work on-boarding with your team setting the pace to achieve your goals. We become integrated leaders helping focus and execute brand strategy.

Transition Planning

We finish each engagement with a robust transition plan with result reports, recommendations on next steps, and direction for future brand leaders. Many times these plans include personnel hiring and skill expansion plans.

what is the cost?

Get the Leadership You Need

Fractional leadership starts at $13,000 per quarter.

For growing small to mid-sized businesses, full-time brand leadership can be out of reach. Our goal is to be your source for a brand strategy that launches you into your next phase

Measuring The Cost

Chief Marketing Officer – $177,000/yr

Marketing Director – $106,000/yr

Head of Marketing – $92,000/yr

Roar Brand Leadership – $13,000/quarter

Ready to Get Started?

We want to learn how we can best help you take your next courageous step.