It’s all about position in 2023

Brand positioning can be a game-changer for businesses trying to navigate a recession. It’s all about positioning your brand in your target audience’s minds. This includes defining your unique value proposition and the benefits and attributes that set you apart from the competition.

Effective brand positioning can help you stand out and attract and retain customers when it comes to economic downturns. It can also help you weather the storm by establishing a strong, differentiated brand that customers are loyal to and willing to support.

So, are you in the right position? How do you know if your positioning needs help?

Do you have a plan?

At Roar, we want to empower brands like yours to take the next courageous step into your markets. So, we designed Brandsweep: a tool to examine your brand’s strategic, marketing, and identity history in preparation for your next season of growth and vitality.

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Trey Boden
Founder and Principal

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Branding isn’t about what you say you are,


It’s about who they say you are

Marty Neumier author of Brand Gap

How Are You Influencing Customer Perception?

We audit companies for opportunities to clarify, focus, and reimagine their core strategy and identity. Our audit are comprehensive and deliever clear action steps for future collaborations or priorities for in-house teams.

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Not every business has the ability to hire a Chief Brand Officer. We consult with companies as a brand leadership partner providing strategy and action when they need it most.

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