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Taking Brands
In Courageous Directions

Hey Bart,

I am a close friend of Carl Streck. I saw your announcement about Businessoutside and I am so excited about your next courageous step. Your mission to engage, inspire, and empower businesses is similar to our mission and the way work with our brand partners.

When we find a brand we are excited about working with we pull out all the stops to connect. We would like to spend 30 minutes on a call with you to hear more about your company, your goals for the year, and any challenges you might be facing.

Not to be too presumptuous, but after spending some time looking at your website, social media, and product pages we would like to offer a sample agenda for the conversation.

30-Minute Agenda

10 Minutes – What are your Big 3 Goals this year?

10 Minutes – What challenges are you currently facing?

10 Minutes – How can we help?

“Motivating people to get outside – literally & figuratively – outside in the great outdoors, and outside of outdated corporate norms.”

Possible Partnership

During our discovery work, we found a few opportunities that could lead to a strong partnership between Businessoutside and Roar.

Brand Strategy

Our unique value proposition is centered around strategy. We believe that brands can leave growth and performance on the table when facing the ambiguity of changing markets. We take brands in courageous directions by connecting brand identity and marketing to business strategy. Roar would like to engage with Gobi Gear through our strategic framework BrandMethod™, which takes a comprehensive look at your brand to prepare for that next big step.

Toolkits and Methods

With our background in education, we have extensive experience creating graphic organizers, tools, slide decks, and visuals for coaching, teaching, and transitional marketing. 


Brand Marketing

Content Strategy

Content is your value manifested. We would like the opportunity to explore how you are creating and utilizing content to show potential clients your value. We would like to discuss your current content strategy and identify places where we could support you through creative and messaging.


Schedule a Meeting With Us

Like great stories, the guide meets the hero once they decide to head out on their adventure.

We want to know where you are in your story and how we can help.