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Taking Brands
In Courageous Directions

Hey Gobi Gear,

We think you are doing some incredible things in the adventuring world. Getting organized, spending less time with clutter, and getting to see amazing places are also some of our passions. Here is the thing… We would love to work with you.


When we find a brand we are excited about working with we pull out all the stops to connect. We would like to spend 30 minutes on a call with your leadership to hear more about your brand, your goals for the year, and any challenges you might be facing.

Not to be too presumptuous, but after spending some time looking at your website, social media, and product pages we would like to offer a sample agenda for the conversation.

30-Minute Agenda

10 Minutes – What are your Big 3 Goals this year?

10 Minutes – What challenges are you currently facing?

10 Minutes – How can we help?

“We are doing to your backpack what Tupperware did for your kitchen, what tool-belts did for your garage workshop.”

Possible Partnership

During our discovery work, we found a few opportunities that could lead to a strong partnership between Gobi Gear and Roar.

Brand Strategy

Our unique value proposition is centered around strategy. We believe that brands can leave growth and performance on the table when facing the ambiguity of changing markets. We take brands in courageous directions by connecting brand identity and marketing to business strategy. Roar would like to engage with Gobi Gear through our strategic framework BrandMethod™, which takes a comprehensive look at your brand to prepare for that next big step.

Brand Audit

We will take a look at your brand from top to bottom to uncover opportunities to clarify and focus your messaging and identity. As brands grow past their start-up phase we often seen something called brand bloat. This occurs during organizational scaling as the needs of the organization shift from brand awareness to profit sustainability. An audit helps a brand determine steps to get organized with their assets and refocus their identity.


Brand Marketing

Social Support

In our research, outdoor brands leverage their social media as a place to connect with followers and share their products in the field. We would like to discuss creating a content calendar, which we could support through creative and messaging.

Website Audit

During our discovery, we noticed a few places where the website needs attention. For example, on this page, the bottom video is no longer accessible. Roar can perform a website audit identifying areas for improvement. Also, using the internet’s Wayback Machine it looks like the current version of your website has been around since 2017. We could also quote what it would take to take your website to the next level through a full redesign.

Lets get started.

Like great stories the guide meets the hero once they decide to head out on their adventure.

We want to know where you are in your story and how we can help.

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