We heard you are looking to create an inspiring brand identity for IMPACT24. Why are we a perfect fit?

  • We are both mission-driven to create purpose and meaning in the lives of others.
  • Our expertise is not just in brand development but also in strategy that sets the pace.
  • Our experience in live production and design support for live events including countless slide decks, branded print/digital materials, set design, and swag for attendees.

You want to inspire Impact 24 attendees.

We can help with that and more.

Below is a case study for Opo Coffee. What I hope you’ll take away from it is our dedication to working with mission-driven companies and our ability to deliver comprehensive, high-quality design and strategic solutions. If you’re interested in exploring this further, I’d be delighted to discuss how we can bring this level of expertise and passion to IMPACT EVENTS.

Case Study: Opo Coffee

Opo Coffee needed an inspiring brand identity to establish itself as a unique coffee concept. We were their to help from naming, to packaging, to interior design.

Branding From The Ground Up

From new businesses to thriving existing companies, We deliver the fundamental elements of brand strategy and identity to new and existing businesses.

Our Clients