Roar Donates 3% of Revenue Creating Grants to Adopt Children with Down Syndrome from International Countries

Our Story

When I started Roar I wanted it to be more than an excellent creative company. I wanted it to be courageous for others.

The Triumph Fund is a donor-advised fund created to financially support families adopting a child with Down syndrome through international adoption. The Triumph Fund is named after our son, Kai, whose name means Triumph. Kai, who has Down syndrome, was adopted from China in 2019. There is a long story to how our Kai became a Boden, but the short version is that God used another family who adopted a little girl with Down syndrome to lead us to Kai. He has forever changed our lives for the better.

From the start, Roar has donated 3% of revenue to the Triumph Fund, allowing my wife and I to give grants to families adopting children with Down syndrome from international countries.

Apply For Grants

The Triumph Fund awards grants to families adopting children with Down syndrome through international adoption. To apply and qualify for a grant you must meet all the conditions below:

  • A confirmed diagnosis from your agency that your adopted child has Down syndrome
  • Your family is adopting a child from a country that is not the United States
  • Your family has completed their home study with your adoption agency

Funding will be released to your agency upon final travel approval.

Receiving A Grant

Apply Below

Use the application below to apply for a grant. We provide grants up to $1000 to families depending upon the number of current applications and the availability of funds. Grants will be reviewed and awarded quarterly during each fiscal year.

Agency Verification

We will contact your agency on your behalf to confirm your adoption status. If your family is awarded a grant, we will send a letter notifying you and your agency via e-mail.


Grants will be given to your agency designated for your family’s use. Grants can not be given directly to families. Grants will not be funded until you have been approved for final travel.