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Reunite | Mount Vernon School

COVID19 created incredibly difficult challenges for so many industries. Education in particular was impacted in ways that caused a heightened sense of ambiguity and parents desperately needed clarity.

The Mount Vernon School needed a way to inspire confidence in an evolving situation that impacted all parts of life. The School published Reunite a document detailing the commitment to returning to school in Fall of 2020. 

Designed By Amanda

Amanda Holder, hobbyist interior designer, was looking to start her own business. The Atlanta small renovation market was crowded due to gentrification and a love all things Etsy. She needed a way for her brand to stand out.

Specifically, Amanda relied on the referrals within contractors circles. She wanted to have a brand that looked established, creative, and beautiful.

Mount Vernon Institute For Innovation

In 2019 MVIFI was restructured to become a thriving consultancy for innovators in non-profit and for profit organizations. Their goal was to become a non-tuition revenue generator for The Mount Vernon School. In pervious years MVIFI generated under $80,000 in consulting fees. By 2022 their goal is to be over $750,000.

Mosaic Autism Services

Mosaic was a company formed to help parents better understand how to navigate having a child with autism. They aid parents in finding the best educational and emotional services for their child.

The business was looking for a way to stand out form other services. They also want to be empowered to extend their brand into their own presentations and documents.

Cureton Consulting

Cureton Consulting was a new company and needed a way to visually look more established and confident in the crowded space of educational consultants. They have spent many years working in schools as an expert practitioner in the classrooms, administration teams, and as curriculum designers.

Evanovich & Associates

Evanovich & Associates was a start up consulting company from Ohio who wanted a fresh, established look. The brief was simple: We want our identity to look as if we have been around for a while and in result we communicate trust and stability.